USW Local 310L Des Moines, IA

We represent the hard-working employees of the Bridgestone-Firestone Agricultural Tire Plant in Des Moines, IA.

This page contains lots of important information regarding unemployment. We have partnered with Iowa Works to bring as much information to affected members as possible.

Take Action

We are calling on everyone to take action on the union busting bill SSB3158 and contact your Iowa State SenatorThe bill requires a union to go to court if the public employer fails to upload an employee list to the labor board for recertification purposes or the unit will be decertified. This proposal penalizes public sector unions for failing to take an action which is not within their control.

Recent News

Take advantage of the free, online educational opportunities offered by USW. We'll update this page as we become aware of labor education classes being offered to union members. Check back periodically to stay up to date.

We will have Iowa Workforce Development on site at the Union Hall on Friday, 6/21, to provide information to those affected by the upcoming layoffs. Separate meetings will be held for those taking voluntary layoffs and those being permanently laid off.

Meeting times are as follows:

Friday, 6/21

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Upcoming Events